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Would you like to visit our Rubik’s cube shop?  

It will be a pleasure to meet you. 13 rue sainte catherine – 64100 Bayonne (FRANCE) – from Tuesday to Friday 10h30 to 13h and 15h to 18h and Saturday from 10h to 13h

Not all the products are on display because the sales area is small, but if you ask nicely we will bring out the Rubik’s or other speedcube you would like to try… So, see you soon!

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Atoutcubes organizer and partner of official WCA Speedcubing events and competitions.

We organise in Bayonne on October 3 and 4, 2020 the second speedcubing competition, approved by the WCA. World Cube Association with association Esprit Cube Bayonne and l’Association Française de SpeedcubingWe are partners of other competitions, Pau, Limoges, Toulouse, and still very open to participate in other events around our passion: the Rubik’s cube and all its variants.




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