Why us ? Who are we ?

Atoutcubes.com belongs to the Sarl Com’Ona, a French company since 2006. Initially its activity was the sale of mobile telephony services and equipment, in 2018 a big turn was taken with the end of telephony.

The passion for this puzzle since the 80s, the desire to meet other enthusiasts, the experience in trade and online business and the constant desire to have the latest news and present them to others, led to the creation of Atoutcubes the shop, then Atoutcubes.com the website.

Atoutcubes.com is the only French site dedicated to the sale of cubes, located in France with its stock in France. We are approaching the 1000 referenced products and work every day to find new products at the best prices.

Our priority is to have the best ratio availability / price / delivery time / shipping costs.

Our objectives :

Ultra-fast delivery times (under normal conditions, look at “shipping and returns” tab for details).

Ultra competitive shipping costs, even offered from a low purchase amount. 

Collection of orders in the shop

A real communication, (product search request, reservations, second-hand sales, special orders, spare parts research…)

The possibility of making partnerships for your animations …

We also organise official WCA (World Cube Association) competitions with the French Speedcubing Association : The “Atoutcubes Open”, which premiered in May 2019, will be followed by the Esprit Cube Bayonne Open in the coming years…

We manage this site as cube and speecubing enthusiasts.